Ozito, powered by Einhell

For our vision on a mission

Our vision is to bring the feeling of cordless freedom to every household with a garden with our PXC battery platform. How do we achieve this? We tell as many people as possible about it! 

The Ozito E-Team Making every DIY mission possible

The E-Team

Mission: Enabling the next level

Impossible? No such thing! This team combines power, endurance, creativity and efficiency. They deliver quality and always find the right solution at the right time.
Because they love what they do. Equipped with Power X-Change cordless tools and gardening equipment, they rise to all challenges, they make every mission possible, they are the personified battery competence. Their client: Oliver Kahn on behalf of FC Bayern. 

Who you gonna call? The E-Team! 


The Boss

As the head of every mission, Frank, the Boss always has a plan, always thinks three steps ahead. Frank knows the mission, he knows his team, he lives and breathes PXC and he knows how they can make anything happen. Because he's the cool mastermind of the E-Team. Stress? He doesn't know of it! He knows what his team can do!


The Cool One

Always straightforward, direct, no frills. Skye, the cool has an eye for the details. Focused, precise, and professional, she gets straight to the to the core of the mission. Challenges? She's so cool and calm that she only acknowledges them with a raised eyebrow. Her only weakness: when it comes to power, she sometimes overshoots the mark.

Crazy DIY

The Tinkerer

Why make it normal when you can make it crazy? If enthusiasm had a face, it would probably be Crazy DIY's. Because this free spirit loves his job, the more unusual and technical the better. When things get difficult, the tinkerer just calls it "exciting." Because he tinkers until he finds a solution that is often as ingenious as it is creative.


The Muscle

Problems? Here's Mike, the Muscle in the blink of an eye! And always with a grin on his face and a song on his lips. No matter how long the mission takes. When he can get to work, he's in his element. Who would have thought that he, of all people, is the green thumb of the team.

The latest mission of the E-Team

In action for the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team

Equipped with innovative battery technology and state-of-the-art tools, the Ozito E-Team supported the mechanics of the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team. Their mission is clear: to bring maximum performance to the Mercedes pit, the very same tools powering DIY'ers across Australia & New Zealand. All day. Every day.

The battery system of the E-Team! Ozito PXC