Upcycling is a great way to get into DIY; it’s a fun and easy way to recycle and comes with the added bonus of providing a cost effective way to find the raw materials for your next project.

From pallets to fence panels and discarded furniture there’s a world of possibilities when it comes to the materials you can find and the DIY projects you can create.

For this DIY project, Andrew shows you how easy it is to transform an old wooden drinks crate into a rustic spice rack holder, perfect for organising your pantry.

Where to find upcycled materials

Around the home

The cheapest, fastest and easiest way to find upcycled materials is to start with what you already own. Before you throw anything out ask yourself ‘how could I use this to create something I need?’ Old drawers can be turned into a bespoke dog bed and feeding station, old crockery can become decorative pot plant holders, a discarded tennis racket may be the perfect frame for a wall mounted mirror, a vintage suitcase can make the perfect top for your new coffee table, the possibilities are endless.

Hard rubbish

Don’t have what you’re looking for at home? Check the curb. Hard rubbish is a constant source of free DIY materials. The discarded rickety ladder on the side of the road may just make the perfect shabby chic wall frames.

Classified sites and local businesses

If you’re looking for scrap wood, classified sites such as Gumtree, Zilch and Craigslist are often a great place to start. Discarded fence palings and pallets are the perfect blank canvas for nearly any project.

Upcycling secrets

Look out for knots in your wood

Imperfections in wood can add a great character to your project, but they can also make creating straight cuts a little tricky. For the best finish try to plan your cuts to avoid any knots.

Make sure joints are secure before cutting

Reusing the structure of old furniture, pallets or crates can save a lot of time, but beware, the joints in old materials may have come loose. For safety purposes make sure your materials are sturdy.

Look for inspiration

Be inspired by other creators on Pinterest, Instagram and of course our blogs. Find projects you like and add your own touch to them.


PXC 18V Detail Sander

When using found materials for your DIY, a sander is a must have. It gives you the ability to create the quality you want for your project. If a rustic character is what you want a light sand is all you need. A more refined, new product look can also be achieved with a little extra time when sanding.

18V Cordless Drill Driver

Old wood tends to be a bit more stubborn, so a cordless drill driver is a must have. Your drill will allow you make pilot holes, drive your screws and assemble the project as you desire with ease.

18V Circular Saw

Because you’re using recycled material most of your wood will need to be cut to the right length. A cordless circular saw makes it a breeze to measure up, choose your desired cut and get the job done.

Now that you have the right know how to create your own DIY projects from upcycled materials it’s time for you to get out there and get started!

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