If you enjoy a glass of wine here and there, then this DIY project is right up your alley. The wine glass holder is not only a fun, easy project to work on over the weekend but is an asset when entertaining or relaxing on a Sunday afternoon.


  1. 18V Detail Sander
  2. 18V Pendulum Jigsaw
  3. 18V Drill Driver Kit with 71 accessories – We’re using a 25mm and 35mm spade bit from this kit.
  4. Square Measure or ruler
  5. Pencil
  6. Timber – We’ve used 140mm Pine.


  1. To create the square frame, measure 140mm from the end of the timber board and mark the line with a pencil.
  2. Create an ‘X’ shape by ruling a line between each corner of the timber square. This will help you identify the centre of the Wine Glass Holder.
  3. Using the square measure once more, measure 40mm in from each corner and mark it with a pencil.
  4. Using the Drill Driver, attach the 25mm spade bit and drill a hole at the point previously marked 40mm. Repeat this for every corner. There will be four holes in total. Handy Tip – Check out our guide on How to use a Spade Bit here.
  5. Change the spade bit on the Drill Driver to a 35mm spade bit, then drill the centre hole in the middle of the board. This will be where the neck of the wine bottle sits.
  6. From the four corner holes you created, mark 10mm on each side of the corner line leading up to the hole. Rule two more lines from the corner to the hole using the 10mm marking you just made. This will be your cutting guide for the Jigsaw.
  7. Using the Jigsaw, cut the lines marked in the step above from the four corner holes. Start in the middle of the hole and cut outwards along the line. Repeat this for every corner hole, ensuring your workpiece is clamped safely each way. There will be eight cuts required here for the four corner holes.
  8. Clean up any rough edges and imperfections with your Detail Sander.
  9. Use your Jigsaw again to cut the fourth and final edge.
  10. Finish with some final sanding.
  11. Voila – enjoy your new Wine Glass Holder.