A leaf blower is a handy garden tool for cleaning up around the yard all year round. But what if you don’t have one or are replacing the one you have? How will you decide which is the best option? We are here to help DIYers get the job done! So buckle up and let’s show you how to choose the right leaf blower for your yard.


All blowers do a similar function, they all move air at speed to blow leaves, grass clippings, twigs and dust just like a yard broom but quicker and easier.

You may consider the following when choosing right blower for your garden:

  • Air flow speed, measured in km’s per hour: The higher the figure, the more powerful the blower and potentially the quicker you can tidy your yard.
  • Weight of the tool: Choose a blower to suit your needs considering the amount of time you may need to hold the blower to tidy your space.
  • 2-in-1 functionality: You can get a blower and vacuum combo all in one, which will mean you can blow your leaves and debris into a corner or smaller pile and then switch into vacuum mode to pick up the material collected too. Added bonus for being able to use this as mulch on the garden.
  • Garden size: The size of your clean up area for example a large yard may suit a more powerful blower.


Battery operated tools are a great option for DIYers or first-time users of garden or power tools. They’re cordless, so they’re easy to move around the yard without needing long extension cords! If you are already a fan of the PXC range, a PXC 18V Blower is the perfect option as they’re fully compatible with all other PXC batteries. 

A battery powered blower makes life simple! Just charge the battery, click it in and away you go. When your garden is all tidied up, switch the battery into the next PXC tool, or pop it on charge ready for your next job. 

Pros: User-Friendly, great for first timers through to enthusiasts, can run on existing PXC batteries, simple to use with no power cord following behind you.

Cons: Limited run time determined by the battery size (Which can be fixed by owning more batteries or larger batteries and a fast charging station)

Check out our range of PXC Blowers: PXC 18V Blower Kit, PXC 2 x 18V Brushless Jet Blower,  PXC 2 x 18V Brushless Blower Vacuum and Mulcher


You can use the Ozito corded 240V leaf blower if you don’t have any batteries yet and want to go electric. Corded leaf blowers are a great option that sit between cordless and petrol leaf blowers. They often provide greater power than battery while avoiding the hassle petrol.

Make sure you add an extension power cord to your kit which should be no longer than 20 metres!

Pros: Often can have more power, lightweight, constant power supply

Cons: Limited distance due to cord length and the cord can occasionally get in the way. Due to 240V power it can’t be used in wet or damp situations for safety reasons



A smaller portable blower is ideal for cleaning your yard, deck or patio. This tool is compact, making it easy to keep in a garage and nimble enough to get around the garden furniture or into tight spaces.

Tools: PXC 18V BlowerPXC 18V Variable Speed Blower Kit1800W Electric Blower.


For larger yards and longer work times, a double battery blower or a high airflow corded electric would be your next choice. The twin battery jet blower is the best of both worlds. It offers higher airflow with its brushless power and has the addition of a shoulder strap to help manage larger yards, patios and driveways.

Tools: PXC 2 x 18V Brushless Jet Blower, PXC 2 x 18V Brushless Blower Vacuum and Mulcher2400W Blower Vac Mulcher.

Head into Bunnings to choose the right leaf blower for your yard. Find our range of cordless and corded blowers at your local Bunnings Warehouse!