Follow along with Andrew to assemble your PXC 2 x 18V Telescopic Lawn Mower Kit [PXLMTK-3182 & PXLMTK-418 models].

If you’re having trouble with your mower not starting or simply want some handy tips to get stuck into it, we’ve put together a step by step guide on how to assemble the PXLMTK-4182.

Step by Step Assembly

Before you start performing any of the following tasks, please make sure your tool is off and the batteries are disconnected!

Fitting the Telescopic Handle

1. Place the telescopic handle assembly over the teeth of the mower handle brackets.

2. While supporting the handle secure with washer and Handle Angle Quick release Lever on both sides, with three settings available for the angle.

Note: If necessary, turn the quick-release lever back sufficiently on the thread so that the handle quick-release lever can then still be flipped upwards.

3. Ensure one of the three positions available is selected. Otherwise, this will prevent the mower from operating. As you make your selection, make sure that both sides are set to the same position.

Only fit and remove the catcher when the mower is switched off and the motor has come to a stop

Fitting and Removing the Grass Catcher

1. Lift up the grass catcher flap with one hand and guide the catcher with your other hand over the two hooks on the mower housing.

2. Lower the grass catcher and allow it to sit in place. Lower the grass catcher flap.

Note: The grass catcher flap is held against the grass catcher by a spring.

3. To remove, raise the grass catcher flap and lift the grass catcher out.


When fitting the grass catcher after emptying, always ensure there is no build up of grass in the grass chute

Grass Catcher Indicator

The grass catcher is fitted with an indicator at the rear of the catcher to help identify when to empty.

If the indicator drops down while operating then the grass catcher is full and needs emptying.

We hope this helps. If you’re interested in the PXC 2 x 18V Telescopic Lawn Mower Kit, it’s available at your local Bunnings Warehouse.