Welcome fellow makers & creators to DIY with Andy & Candy! Join us for a tour of all things DIY from seasonal gardening advice to quick and simple DIY projects! From the novice to the seasoned weekend warrior, we’re here to show you that power tools can be fun, easy and accessible to absolutely everyone!

Let’s remove the techy tool-talk from power tools to help you find the right tool for the task so you can take on your own DIY challenges with a little know-how and whole lot of confidence!


Andy is our knowledgeable power tool pro. He loves a DIY challenge and sharing that feeling of a job well done! He’s here to support the DIY journey with everyone and bring it back to basics, with plenty of great tips along the way to get that job done. For Andy, there’s always a tool for the task – and that’s why he loves the simplicity of the PXC range so much. Simply click in a battery and get started!

Keen to give it a go? So is Candy! She’s incredibly excited and enthused by all things DIY. She’s our curious creator who’s keen to learn the tricks to making and creating. Her energy and determination rivals the versatility of our PXC platform – it’s electric without the chaos of tangled extension cords. When Andy’s project ideas get a little too “creative” she knows how to counter them and find a simpler solution.

Combined, our DIY duo Andy & Candy, are here to share their passion for empowering DIY’ers everywhere to give it a go and get started!