Give your drinks a fresh new look with this DIY Drinks Caddy, an easy project that you can tackle whether you are an expert or a beginner.

With the weather warming up it’s a great time to learn how to make this drinks caddy. In addition to being a super practical way to carry around your cold drinks, this caddy would also work well for sauces.


  • Drill Driver
  • Impact Driver
  • Circular Saw Angle Grinder
  • Detail Sander
  • 6mm & 10mm Drill Bits
  • Countersink Drill Bit
  • Phillips Head Driver Bit
  • Angle Grinder Cutting Disc
  • Angle Grinder Cutting Guard
  • 2pcs: 30mm & 6pcs: 40mm Screws
  • 1.2m Threaded Rods (6mm & 10mm)
  • 1pc: 1200 x 184 x 19mm Timber
  • 8pcs: 6mm & 2pcs: 10mm Dome Nuts
  • 8pcs: 6mm & 2pcs: 10mm Hex Nuts
  • Pencil, Ruler & Timber Glue
  • Safety Gear


  1. Clamp the timber securely and make a long rip cut 160mm from the edge using the circular saw and its parallel guide.
  2. Mark a line 205mm from one end for the base of the unit. Then mark 2 lines 275mm from the first for the 2 side panels. Clamp securely and cut using the circular saw.
  3. On one side panel mark 2 angled lines using the dimensions above. Align the two side panels together and drive 30mm screws into the 2 corners to hold them together.
  4. Using a 6mm drill bit, drill holes all the way through both pieces in the four locations shown above (the holes should be 7mm away from the edges).
  5. Using a 6mm drill bit, drill holes through both pieces in the three locations shown above. Then countersink these three holes from either side of the clamped timber pieces.
  6. Using a 10mm drill bit, drill the final hole along the center line, 25mm from the top edge.
  7. Clamp the timber down and use the circular saw to cut along the angled lines. Note: The two pieces will now be separated.
  8. Place some glue on the short edge of your base panel then align with the lower edge of the side panel. Use 40mm screws to secure together. Repeat for the opposite side.
  9. Use the detail sander to sand any rough edges or pencil marks. If you want to apply stain or oil to the timber, this is the best time to do so.
  10. Using the angle grinder fitted with a cutting disc & guard, cut the threaded rod so you have 4pcs of 6mm rod at 250mm lengths and 1pc of 10mm rod at a length of 255mm.
  11. Insert the threaded rod through one side panel. Screw two hex nuts onto the rod, then slide the rod through the other side panel. Repeat for all f ive rods.
  12. Secure rods by screwing the dome nuts onto the rod ends and then tightening the hex nuts so that the timber is sandwiched between.